I´m running in quicksand
Something´s haunting me
The guilty past I´ve buried
My mind won´t let me sleep
I´ll do anything for peace-
I keep waking up

A solemn oath I make
Cross my heart please let me sleep-
I keep waking up

How much more do I take
My head is talking to me
I don´t know what it needs
But the loudest voice
is the one I heed

Insomnia, my swollen bloodshot eyes
Insomnia, awake till morning light
Insomnia, stirring deep inside
Insomnia, somebody turn out the lights

I can´t sleep- insomnia

I´m twisting and turning-
I keep waking up

The madness I must tame
My candle is burning- I keep waking up
Both ends again today
The whole house is creaking
I know they´re out there
The things kept from sight
I beg to the shadows
I can´t sleep

Insomnia, footsteps on the walk
Insomnia, I hear someone knock
Insomnia, I wish it was a dream
Insomnia, can you hear me scream

By : Megadeth


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